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JogaAPP is a management software that enables a complete view of your company in a simple, fast and digital way. Thus, customers and professionals have all the data they need in the palm of the hand, without having to wait for answers or calls. Empower your team through effectively engaging with your customers.


Simplify processes and increase your results

With an agile and fast scheduling system, JogaAPP is simple to use and stores all your business activities in one place. Save time on administrative processes and save hours of work per month and optimise your time! All data is shared instantly.

Checking the numbers. Close up of young business people analyzing data using computer while working in the office

Use of the platform everywhere and anywhere

Joga is functional on all types of platforms: desktops, tablets, and smartphones. Through your app available on Android and IOS, you can access reports, management tools, and daily processes anywhere at any time.

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Use data analysis in your favour!

Create satisfaction surveys and receive feedback immediately on your services and professionals. This data will be stored in the software and you will be able to create unique preferences and services for your customers.